Network connected devices at Penn State are being probed daily for vulnerabilities. By securing your local area network (LAN) behind a firewall, you make it harder for would-be attackers to invade your network. The Information Technology Services (ITS) Firewall Service will provide you with cost-effective, practical, real-world protection and prevention for your LAN, securing the network from external attacks and internal abuses.

Firewalls filter incoming traffic, and according to a set of rules, hide University workstations from would-be attackers, and prevent internal users from University network misuse.

Firewall configurations can be as simple as a layer of protection for workstations on a LAN or as advanced as a barrier that safeguards both workstations and production servers. Only your department can determine the appropriate level of protection needed.

ITS encourages departments with LANs that support production servers (sometimes called enterprise servers) and local workstations to consider the relocation of the production servers to a different backbone interface. This will allow differentiated filter restrictions to be assigned to the enterprise server(s).