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Arrow PC Network is an enterprise partner with VMware and can help you create a private or hybrid cloud, either visualizing your physical infrastructure, replicating your production environment to an off-site location, or fully managing your virtual machines in our data centerIf your business is virtualization-friendly, you can benefit a lot from it. Implementing virtualization can cut the number of physical servers in your company. By cutting the number of physical servers with virtualization, you will also cut the costs associated with said servers. The fewer physical servers you have, the smaller the costs for their maintenance and energy consumption.

Using virtual machines can make for much easier backup solutions. Disaster recovery won’t be as slow or complicated as it usually is. You can implement storage virtualization or make use of the cloud platform of your virtualization provider. Your virtual machines can be layered with multiple security types.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure brings down costs, brings in easier user management and enhances endpoint security

Let end users access a familiar desktop experience from anywhere by applying virtual desktop solutions, which gives special preference to data security.

Protect sensitive data from being lost, stolen or destroyed from end-user machines, as our desktop virtualization solutions to keep it safe in the corporate data center. Through virtual desktop infrastructure, you can save operating cost, and time, it also defends you from catastrophic failures.

Key benefits include:

  • Allows Remote access to your desktop from anywhere, from any device, whether inside or outside the office.
  • These solutions deliver personalized, consistent, and secure experiences for users, while also improving compliance through centralized control and access to confidential
  • Desktop Virtualization helps to simplify management by unifying IT operations onto a single infrastructure across physical hardware.
  • Migration and upgrade to the new operating system and applications carried out with the minimal downtime possible.

Server Virtualization

 Reduce IT Costs and increase control through Server consolidation and virtualization.

Our server virtualization solutions help centralize server administration and improve development, testing and disaster recovery while making more efficient use of server resources.
Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by implementing our server virtualization solutions, which reduce power consumption, obsolete hardware generation, and heat generation.

Pros of virtualization:

• Fewer physical servers
• Reduced energy costs
• Backup/disaster recovery
• Cloud storage
• Security
• Portability in the future

Area of specialization:

• Helpdesk / NOC Support for Enterprise Customers
• Virtualization and Server Consolidation
• Exchange Implementations and Migrations Including Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, DAG.
• Network Design and Upgrades
• Cloud Migrations
• Network Assessment / Audit
• Corporate Relocation
• Procurement Services

Virtualization of computing environment allows enterprises to simplify their IT infrastructure and strategically align it to their long-term business goals.

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