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Specialized Integration Services

Spending your days handling all the processes involved in getting new software or hardware up and running properly in its environment, including installation, configuration, running, testing, and making every necessary change is what you thrive on.

Every company needs a carefully balanced infrastructure—workstations, network, and storage configuration. Unified deployment and integration services help you find the best balance to ensure a satisfactory user experience, adhere to IT standards, and manage your financial parameters.

We excel at both customized integrations as well as integrations and delivering pre-configured combinations of hardware and software, ready to install in your IT environment.

  • Minimal downtime through a deployment plan designed to speed integration into your environment, all with full support and oversight by Unified. We measure twice with you so that we can install once. Trouble free and dependably.
  • We analyze existing networks, protocols, wired and wireless configurations, and cabling standards to identify system interoperability and connectivity requirements and then plan, design and deploy reliable network business solutions.
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Cyber Solutions Firm

Cyber Security Services In India

Planning Architecture and Low-level designing

Detailed network design – High-level design

We provide product installation

Rapid deployment and network rollouts,

Implementation (e.g., plan, install, configure, customize, test, tune, stage & deploy)

Operational services and project management services.

What we offer

Integration & Deployment

For Business Client Systems

Are you ready to deploy new technology without disrupting end-user productivity? If you need reliable, consistent implementation of client systems, especially across multiple geographies, we can help.

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For Servers, Storage & Networking

Your data center is the heart of your infrastructure. A problem there can ripple across your entire organization. Why not deploy new systems with expert assistance … with confidence.

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Our services include



Helps reduce deployment time


Speeds time to value for improved ROI


Shortens the technology learning curve


Provides technical assurance from a trusted technology partner


Leverages proven technology expertise


Sharpens your organization’s competitive edge

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